What is Inexperienced?

All the way up until uni, I led a pretty boring life. I was shy and risk averse, so I never explored very far out of my comfort zone. I was scared of failure, opting to do something perfectly or not do it at all. It was detrimental to my development, and I missed out on a lot. I consider myself inexperienced at life, and wanted to find a way to overcome all of the above shortcomings at once.

I developed the idea for a project – Inexperienced.

Inexperienced is a personal development blog + YouTube channel where I will try new experiences and learn new skills, simultaneously completing three main goals –

  • I can experience all the things I never had the chance to, and more
  • I have to fail, and learn from my mistakes as I step outside my comfort zone, facing my fears
  • I am putting this all out in public, helping overcome my shy nature by exposing my imperfect self to the world

Along the way, the idea is to create entertaining content, and showcase the many different experiences and skills there are out there in the world.

Hopefully you see something you want to try.

Hopefully I can give you an idea of how to go about it.

Hopefully I can inspire you to face your own fears, and step out of your comfort zone.

– Sunny


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