Learning to Shuffle

Back in 2011 when LMFAO dropped Party Rock Anthem, being able to shuffle peaked. It was the coolest thing in the playground, and it was everywhere.
In case you’re unfamiliar with shuffling, its a dance, also known as the ‘Melbourne shuffle’, or ‘cutting shapes’.

Naturally, I never put in the effort to learn, and by the time I did find the motivation, the unimaginable had happened overnight –

it wasn’t cool anymore.

‘Oh, well,’ I thought. ‘Onto the next bandwagon.’ But unlike most fads, this one stuck in my memory – the dancing robot from the music video haunted me for years, teasing me with his impeccable timing.


As fate would have it, I recently discovered that one of my best mates at uni, Ben, happens to be a pro at shuffling – he even has a viral video tutorial (which he refuses to let me share). There was no way this was a coincidence – the universe had thrown me the opportunity to learn, and I was not miss it. It took a bit of pestering, but he finally agreed to try and educate me in this ancient art.

Even though I couldn’t take it seriously.

All up, I learnt that dancing is a lot harder than it looks, and gained a new appreciation for people who dedicate their time to mastering it. I won’t be busting this set of moves out at my local until I get a lot better.

I’m a terrible dancer, so if you seriously want to learn to cut some shapes, try this.



One Reply to “Learning to Shuffle”

  1. Nice Artifact. The Melbourne Shuffle phenomena certainly pre-dates LMFAO in 2011. I presume LMFAO was responsible for bringing it into mainstream popular culture, but I can personally recall it being a huge part of the underground “hardstyle” dance culture as early as 2007. This video is a good place to start for anyone wishing to jump down the Melbourne Shuffle rabbit-hole https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9JQdKZt9TM

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