4WD Camping Day 1

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of being invited along on a 4WD camping trip with a few of my mates. Traditionally, I’ve never been massive on the outdoors, so I saw this as a valuable chance to learn more about the great outdoors (plus it was a great opportunity to participate in the great Australian pastime of sinking tins with your mates in the middle of nowhere).

The premise was simple, over the Easter holidays, we would pile into two cars, and drive out into Abercrombie National Park, a few hours out of town. There we would sleep for 3 nights and explore around the park. Except it wasn’t that simple.


Abercrombie National Park

A slight hiccup in the original plan – Mitch was out of town with his car, preloaded with all of our camping gear. He would rendezvous with us on the road into the national park. That meant that the remaining 6 of us had to pile into Adam’s trusty Landcruiser. We were packed to the brim with supplies, and it wasn’t the most comfortable trip.

All up, it was supposed to be a few hours max to get in, but we left early, keen to have the afternoon to get our bearings. Lucky we did, because Adam invested waaay to much trust in his GPS. After Goulburn, we followed its directions down a 4WD track for ages, before the road stopped at a locked gate with a private property sign. The GPS must’ve taken us down a private road (or a local landowner had fenced it off). We turned around and headed back up the track, which wasted about 2 hours of our time.


We were way out of mobile reception, so we couldn’t warn Mitch that we were going to be late. Hoping for the best, we powered on, taking an alternative route.
The sun went down, and it started getting cold. Everyone was getting restless after being in the car all day, the tunes were the only thing holding us together, with classic selections like ‘Home Among the Gumtrees’ and ‘G’Day G’Day’. After near misses with multiple wombats, kangaroos and a fox, we chanced upon Mitch, heading in the opposite direction. He had been waiting all afternoon, and was heading back down the trail to see if something had gone wrong.

Thankfully, it all worked out. We split the boys between the two vehicles, and with renewed vigor, we crawled our way along the track. The first destination for the trip was ‘The Sink’, a small creekside campsite. Not that we could tell, everything was pitch black. We unloaded the cars and set up camp in the headlights, efficiently pitching tents, swags and setting up a fire. After the massive journey, we were all pretty done, so we crushed a few cold ones, had a quick feed and retired for the night.


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